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Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light

The Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light is a natural alarm system that uses light to regulate your sleeping habits. The light will help you fall asleep and wake up refreshed each morning by simulating the natural rising and setting of the sun. This light helps regulate the circadian rhythms and promotes healthy sleeping patterns without the use of any medications.

Where To Buy?

The Verilux Rise and Shine Light can be purchased on many different websites. I would recommend Amazon.com (check current discounted price), as it’s listed almost $10 below the retail price. It’s also available for free two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime or for FREE if you select Super Saver shipping.

Best For Who?

If you have trouble falling asleep at night or waking up feeling refreshed in the morning, this product is definitely for you. The light begins to dim early in the evening and throughout, just as the sun sets at night. This will help you to relax slowly and naturally, providing you with a more restful sleep throughout the night. The light also simulates the gradual rising of the sun in the morning, which awakens you more slowly and effectively from the final stages of sleep. This helps you to wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic.

How Is It Supposed To Be Used?

The Verilux Rise and Shine Light should be used daily to regulate sleeping patterns and maintain your natural circadian rhythms. Although its purpose is to help normalize sleep patterns, it can also be used as a reading light with 20 different levels of brightness, and it also includes several different nature sounds for both soothing you to sleep and helping you to wake up.

Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light

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Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light Key Features:

* Natural alarm system that wakes you up gradually
* Sleep timer gradually reduces light and sounds
* You can choose which soothing sounds you would like to listen to: Ocean Rhythms, Pond Life Harmony, Streamside Melodies, or Songbird Serenade
* Includes a traditional alarm clock with snooze button, and it can also be used as a reading lamp with 20 different levels of brightness
* Compact and easily fits onto a nightstand

What’s In The Box?

Included in the box is the Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light and the instructions.

User Reviews

This Verilux Wake-up Light had 142 ratings on Amazon.com (read them all here), with an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars. Most reviewers seemed very impressed with the light’s ability to wake them up naturally, and stated that they had more restful sleep. Most of the more negative reviews were just saying that the light seemed too complicated to figure out. I did not find it to be too complicated considering all that it can do for you. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

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