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Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light

Waking up to the soothing rays of a sunrise is a wake-up method that has been popular for millennia, and the Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light helps you do just that. This alarm clock combines technology and nature to give you a gentle alternative to those shrill, blaring alarm clocks that just beg you to punch them. Don’t worry: this clock has a built-in, gentle alarm tone that sounds if the sun doesn’t wake you first.

Where to Buy?

It’s hard to beat Amazon.com for good prices and sheer convenience (see current discounted price); this alarm clock is cheaper their than any other online vendor. You don’t even have to pay for shipping because Amazon is great about that.

Best for Who?

Seasonal Affective Disorder can cause depression and similar symptoms for those who have it. If you cannot get enough natural light by natural means, then you need other ways of getting light. The Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light is one way of getting more light, so if you have SAD, this alarm clock might be best for you. If you have trouble waking up in the morning and are looking for a solution, you may also want to try this alarm clock. This clock could be best for anyone who wants to wake up in a gentler way than by a digital tormenter.

How Is It Supposed to Be Used?

Using this alarm clock is delightfully uncomplicated. All you have to do is set the time, choose from 1 of 10 light intensity levels, and wake up with the light (or a light beep) the next morning. You can just set it right on a bedside table; even a somewhat slippery surface is okay because of the anti-slip rubber feet. If you want to hit the snooze button, feel free: the alarm will chime again softly after 9 minutes.

Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light

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Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light Key Features

  • Gradual increase in light wakes you naturally
  • Simulates sunlight
  • Has 10 different light settings
  • Bright yellow color simulates sunrise
  • Gentle alarm wakes you up
  • Has a snooze function

What’s in the Box

  • Philips HF3500 Wake-Up Light
  • Instruction manual

User Reviews

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“This is the perfect alarm clock for me!”

“This thing is bright and I love that more often than not; it wakes me (in a pleasant, gentle kind of way) about 10-15 minutes before the actual alarm goes off.”

“This is a very affordable wake-up light and it definitely delivers on its promise.”

“If you suffer with SAD, this light will not work. It is complicated to set the time/alarm… You hit the snooze button and the thing topples over. The increasing light brightness over 1/2 hour does not wake me and if it wasn’t for the…alarm, I wouldn’t wake up.”


If you have SAD and want more light in your life or are looking for a better way to wake up in the morning, this alarm clock might be for you.

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