Philips Hf3470-60 Wake-up Light

Rating: ★★★★½

The Philips HF3470/60 Wake-Up Light is a great solution for those who have a rough time getting out of bed in the morning.  This light works by gradually increasing the amount of light in your room over 30 minutes, preparing your body to wake up.   Our bodies naturally respond to light in a positive way.  Want to throw in some soft morning bird and wind chime sounds?  You got it.  Oh and by the way, it’s recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

Often, the “BEEP”, “BEEP” of an alarm clock sends your body into a fight or flight mode, kind of like a  mini-heart attack.  You then might find yourself saying “oh man, I’m not ready to wake-up.”  This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of gradually waking up over a small period of time instead of all at once.  And no, you’re not losing more sleep by doing this.

Where To Buy It?

I’d recommend (check current discounted price) where you can save over 30% and have it shipped to you for free.  This specific model is definitely one of the more affordable ones among Wake-Up lights and Dawn Simulators, and Amazon knocks down the price even more for you.

Who’s It For?

This Wake-Up light is perfect for any of the following; snooze button abusers, grumpy morning people, hard to get out of bed people, and low morning energy zombies.  Your solution is to train your body to help wake up gradually instead of all at once.  As your body starts to detect the light, it’ll release serotonin into your body, which is responsible for helping you wake up, feel more energetic, and feel more happier.

A sudden wake-up from a heart attack alarm will keep you feeling groggy and sleepy, which leads to a more negative, whiney, and grumpy attitude.  If this is you, take some action and use a wake-up light.

How Is It Supposed To Be Used?

Set the alarm to start gradually illuminating about 30 minutes before you wake-up.  Your body will begin to adjust and understand that it’s time to wake up.  When there’s 90 seconds left before your wake-up time, you have the option of adding some soft bird or wind chime sounds, or have the FM-radio be used instead.  It’s a much more soft and steady wake-up, which is backed by clinical research.

Philips Hf3470-60 Wake-up LightPhilips Hf3470-60 Wake-up Light

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Philips HF3470/60 Wake-Up Light  Key Features

  • Uses gradually increasing light and sound for a better wake-up
  • Can choose 20 different light intensity settings for wake-up or regular lamp use
  • Uses a 100-watt, 12-volt halogen lamp, which is replaceable.
  • Has 2 wake-up sounds, birds and wind chimes
  • Includes a FM radio
  • Completely UV free
  • Includes a snooze button


  • One year limited warranty

User Reviews

On, there are over 340 different user reviews with an average rating of 4.3/5 stars, which is fairly stunning.  There’s a fair amount of comments that it has made it a lot easier for people who hate getting up in the morning.  You can read a lot of those reviews by clicking here.

Here are some rewritten pros and cons from those reviews:


“I used to torture myself and wait for the jarring sound of my loud alarm clock, and I no longer have to with this wake-up light which is a lot more pleasant to wake-up to.”

“The feel of the light is very soothing, it’s not terribly bright or annoying, but a soft glow that’s nice to have in the room.”

“I usually wake up really early, so it’s really dark outside, and it’s always left me in a bad mood.  So, I bought this and I can’t see myself looking back, it’s really helped me out.”


“It’s hard to justify the price, but this is one of the more affordable ones.”

“It’s kind of big, takes up a lot of space on our night stand.”

Conclusion – Philips HF3470/60 Wake-Up Light

It’s hard to ignore all the positive reviews about it, hopefully, you’ll click on the link below and read some more reviews about it.  In the end, the light does a great job at waking up gradually.  It’s proven that waking up to a adrenaline rushing normal alarm clock isn’t good for you and your heart in the long room.  Also, because of how affordable it is, we highly recommend the Philips HF3470/60 Wake-up Light.

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