Northern Light Technologies NLT-TRV TRAVelite

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The Northern Light Technologies NLT-TRV TRAVelite is a good choice for those who want a simple-designed desk SAD light that can be easily taken with you on the go.  It weighs only 2.5 pounds and uses less than 50 watts of power, which is pretty energy efficient.  Despite its size, it still delivers a powerful 10000 LUX that you would need for a 20-30 minute therapy session at 12 inches of distance.  It doesn’t have any extra features like a timer or custom intensity settings, but those aren’t really all that necessary.  Many people would rather have the slim design so that they have more desk or table space.

Where To Buy?

I’d highly recommend that you buy it from (check current discounted price), they have it for more than 25% off and you can have it shipped to you for free.  Amazon also has killer customer service and are well-known to deliver quickly and take returns easily.

Best For Who?

This specific SAD light would be good for those want a non-bulky solution for light therapy at their desk.  While this light can be traveled with, many people probably wouldn’t be taking it with them everywhere they go.  There are much more portable solutions.  However, it’s a slim design that looks good, won’t take up a ton of desk space, and won’t turn many heads at the office.

In general, SAD lights and light therapy is a proven method to help people that have general depression, the winter blues, sleeping issues like insomnia, and low energy levels.  These issues generally come from lack of light where their body clock isn’t getting an adequate amount of light in the beginning parts of the day, leading to hormone levels that leave you sleepy or grumpy throughout the day.  A good dose of light will release serotonin and other hormones that help you feel alert, energetic, and happy.   In turn, your body will want to rest more at night because of using a proper amount of energy duringthe day.

How Is It Supposed To Be Used?

It should be used for about 30 minutes a day at 12 inches, and an hour a day at 18 inches, depending on your comfort level with how close the light is.  Always use it in the morning, never at night, unless you want to be super energetic and not fall asleep at night.  You also shouldn’t look directly into the light, just keep it in your peripheral vision while you do work at your computer or read the paper.

Northern Light Technologies NLT-TRV TRAVeliteNorthern Light Technologies NLT-TRV TRAVelite

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Northern Light Technologies NLT-TRV TRAVelite Key Features

  • Slim design, looks good, can be traveled with
  • Shines at 10000 LUX within 12 inches, good for 30 min therapy
  • Completely UV and magnetic field free
  • Doesn’t flicker or buzz
  • Uses less than 50 watts of power, very energy efficient
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Northern Technologies has great customer service, in case of any issues


  • 7 Years, huge selling point

Conclusion – Northern Light Technologies NLT-TRV TRAVelite

On, it has over 10 reviews with an average rating of 4/5 stars, which is good for a newer product.  Many people comment about how light therapy has helped them in general and how Northern Technologies has great customer support.  You should read some of those reviews by clicking here.

If you’re someone who wants a simple designed SAD light (travel capable) that has all that you should expect as far as quality and safety, then the Northern Light Technologies NLT-TRV TRAVelite is one you should consider.

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