Day-Light Sky SAD Lamp

Rating: ★★★★½

The Day-Light Sky Light Therapy Lamp is much like the Uplift Technologies DL930, but with a very minor differences.  The Day-Light Sky is perfect for those want to have a non-portable light therapy lamp to sit on a desk or in an area where they can do a therapy session for 20-30 minutes.  Non-portable light therapy lights are often powerful and can get the job done quicker.  This lamp is height-adjustable, allowing you to alter the angle of light until you’re comfortable, and is also comes with two different settings at 5000 LUX and 10000 LUX.  It has a modern and contemporary design that shouldn’t clash with its surroundings.

Where To Buy?

I’d highly recommend buying it from (check current discounted price), they have it for nearly 25% off and it’s consistently cheaper there than most of the other retailers or dealers who sell the Day-Light Sky.  You also don’t have to worry about shipping costs because you can have it shipped to you for free.  Over 40 people have left reviews for it on Amazon as well, which suggests many people are consistently buying it from Amazon as well.

Who’s It For?

The Day-Light sky should be used by those who have issues with recurring depression during certain times of the year, also known as seasonal affective disorder.  However, it’s known that it can be very helpful to battle general depression, low energy levels, and problematic sleeping cycles.

This specific lamp is perfect for someone who has a routine where they can fit 20-30 minutes of light therapy sessions into their day while they do some work, read a book, watch some TV, or use the computer.

How Should It Be Used?

It’s well known that 10000 LUX is the optimal exposure level at about 12 inches of distance from your face.  LUX is a measurement of how well a lamp can light a certain area depending on its size.  For this lamp, it can illuminate 12 inches with 10000 LUX.  You shouldn’t stare into the lamp and you should sit too far back.  Sitting too far back will require you to have longer sessions.  Here is a good guide on how to use it properly.

Day-light Sky Light Therapy Lamp  Day-light Sky SAD Light Therapy Lamp

Day-Light Sky Key Features

  • Has two brightness settings at 10000 LUX and 5000 LUX, the lower the LUX, the longer the therapy session.
  • Filters 99.3% of UV, making it safe to use
  • Has a glare free diffuser to make it less annoying to use
  • Meets the rigorous guidelines of light therapy experts
  • Height and light angle are adjustable
  • Uses two 55 watt compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Stands at a max height of 27 inches, low of 25 inches
  • Weights 8.2 pounds


  • 5 year limited warranty

User Reviews of the Day-Light Sky

On, there are over 40 reviews with an average rating of 4.4/5 stars, which is a nice and consistent review rating and very important to its overall effectiveness.  You can read all of the reviews here.

Here are some rewritten pros and cons from those reviews.


“The light itself feel very sturdy and well made, which is really important to me.”

“These aren’t just your normal light bulbs.  They are designed and specifically made to filter out UV, keep the glare and flicker out, and brighten your mood.  I have definitely felt more ‘UP’ after using it for one or two weeks.”

“I really hate that it gets so dark here in the North early in the year.  It really affects my ability to stay positive.  I bought this lamp and it has restored a lot of what I didn’t think could.  I’m glad I bought it.”


“I understand that this light works well for a lot of people, but it didn’t work for me, so I had to return it.”

“Not exactly as effective as real sunlight, but it works.”


The Day-Light Sky SAD Lamp a well made product, has consistent reviews, and all you need to spend is 20-30 minutes a day to help your overall mood.  We feel plenty confident in recommending the Day-Light Sky for purchase.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think about the Day-Light sky?  Have you used it before?  Do you plan to buy it?  Let us know!

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